Carillion: A crisis not to be wasted

The collapse of the UK’s second-biggest contractor has sent shockwaves through our industry.  It is a scandal which leaves up to 30,000 suppliers and 43,000 people with an uncertain future, including hundreds of young apprentices and graduates making their first career steps.  It is a hammer blow for the industry’s image, toughening the challenge of … Continue reading “Carillion: A crisis not to be wasted”

G4C interview with Phillip Williams, Head of Regeneration at the IPA

G4C asked the Head of Regeneration in the government’s IPA, Phillip Williams how we will meet the housing requirements of the future. Watch Phillip’s response where he outlines the recommendations of the recent government white paper and explains how we can provide 160,000 new homes through grants, finance, freeing up more land and creating a … Continue reading “G4C interview with Phillip Williams, Head of Regeneration at the IPA”

How Will Generations X, Y (Millennials) Change Major Projects?

Highlights from the Major Projects Association event held on 18th May 2016     With post-war baby boomers exiting the workforce and the expectation that generation Y (1980 –1995), the Millennials, will shortly make up the largest proportion of the workforce. The event raised the question, ‘How will major projects change when they are led by … Continue reading “How Will Generations X, Y (Millennials) Change Major Projects?”

G4C Renewed

A key value of Constructing Excellence and G4C is collaboration. Collaboration is possible only when there is transparency and inclusion, when thoughts, developments and proposed actions are openly discussed and accessible to all. Therefore G4C 2016 is now an open forum, accessible to all, with no geographical boundaries or limitations. We are working together across … Continue reading “G4C Renewed”

Open Data for Energy

Open Data for Energy Internet has changed our life. Communication, education, shopping, business etc. What about energy? Via internet, it is possible to access our energy account information, we can monitor our energy usage and we have become more aware of the importance of renewable energy. But has the way we buy and sell our energy changed? Not … Continue reading “Open Data for Energy”