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A key value of Constructing Excellence and G4C is collaboration. Collaboration is possible only when there is transparency and inclusion, when thoughts, developments and proposed actions are openly discussed and accessible to all.
Therefore G4C 2016 is now an open forum, accessible to all, with no geographical boundaries or limitations. We are working together across the country and making links across the globe to deliver amazing events, research pieces and insight into the cutting edge subjects relevant to you today.

We’re asking the questions that have not been asked before and involving experts from our industry and beyond to contribute to our cause of innovation and the latest thinking. Questions such as:

1. Digitization (robots taking our jobs) vs the skills shortage, too few jobs or too few people? Is there a middle ground, what does this mean?
2. Productivity, what are the barriers and opportunities? After nearly 30 years, have we moved on from the Latham and Egan reports?
3. Don’t ignore the Health in H&S. Despite construction workers being 100 times more likely to die from occupational disease than from accidents, the industry has not tackled health to the same extent as safety. What can we do about this?
4. Open data, what are the constraints vs what are the potential benefits? Why should the industry become transparent, or in fact should we be asking: why not?
5. The Data Economy is coming. Similar to the revolution in all industries that electricity brought about, data will affect everything we do in the future, what does this mean for the construction industry and what do we need to do to keep up? Is predictive analytics the end of creativity or the ultimate way to mitigate risk?
6. Sustainability for old stock. 70% of buildings which will be standing in 2050 are already built (new government regulations will not affect them) how can we improve the sustainability of existing buildings?
7. Urban Densification, acres of low rise old housing, ever increasing numbers of high rise developments. How can we tackle the housing shortage within the constraints of limited land supply and the risks of gentrification?

If you would like to be a part of G4C and take a lead in the latest industry thinking on the above or any other subjects, join our Slack discussion forum. To join, send a request to this website, our Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook page with your name and email address.

Author: G4C