Farewell from Ben and Antonio

Our time as co-chairs of G4C came to an end at the recent annual reception held at the Houses of Parliament. It provided us with a great send off and an excellent opportunity to introduce Robin Lapish and Julia Lydall who will as co-chairs for the next two years continue to take G4C forward into exciting times both for the movement and the industry generally.

The reception gave us an opportunity to reminisce and look back on what we feel has been a successful tenure. Our two years has at times been challenging but has been most importantly fun! The events we’ve held and attended, the people we’ve met and talked to have all been interesting and fill us with hope for where the industry is heading. We have learnt a lot and we are lucky enough to say that we have made new friends along the way that share a common vision of the industries future.

G4C is unique in its make up and its diversity which is why it has such a fantastic opportunity to make a difference.

Information and data are opening doors to a new way and a better way of doing things, the opportunity to harness this and the potential that the next generation offers cannot be missed and cannot be wasted, we urge everyone to engage with G4C both as individuals and organisations.

We couldn’t have enjoyed the successes we’ve had without the support of Constructing Excellence and also the rest of the G4C board.

To Murray & Don we extend out thanks for putting your trust in us and giving us a platform to try and make a difference. To the regional network, the board of management and the rest of movement we thank you for your trust in us, for attending our events and in the national convention giving us an opportunity to try and show you in a day what we are striving for.

To the rest of the G4C board current and past thank you for listening to our ramblings and helping us make sense of our ideas and driving the more achievable ones forward. And to the regional chairs and boards we congratulate you on what you are doing and look forward to seeing the regions grow from strength to strength.

To Robin and Julia we wish you the best of luck. The passion and drive you have shown as board members shows that we are leaving G4C in good hands and we’re excited about where you are going to take it.

This however wont be the last you hear from us as we look to pick up the data mission for CE.

As an industry we are a data rich industry but we’ve barely scraped the surface of the potential it brings us.

Data analytics to monitor performance and drive improvements in productivity through innovation will change the face of the built environment and CE will be at the fore of this movement.

If you are interested in getting involved or finding out more about what we have planned contact [email protected] and [email protected]

Author: G4C