Open Data for Planning

Open Data for Planning

We need a good Planning system to face the effects of global change.

Population increase, availability of natural resources combined with lack of political stability will impose greater pressure on the construction industry globally and nationally. Planning is needed to harness the good energy, which comes with change, and protect us from the risk of an unsustainable future.

Despite good progress made with the Planning Portal (a few years old now) and National Planning Policy Frameworks, the UK planning system has not evolved quickly enough to cope with social change. The construction industry is still seen as a high-risk business made out of an intricate bundle of unknowns, of which planning is one of the most complex tangle.

As part of the BRE+G4C research project on Open Data in the UK Construction Sector, we discuss with Tom Brown, Head of GIS Applications and Property Data at Lambeth Council, how the planning may benefit from making more public datasets open. Tom’s insights are inspirational and help us clarifying the practical meaning of concepts such as Open Data, Big Data, Internet of Things, Mapping and many more.

If you want to know more about the future of Open Data in Planning we recommend you to watch the video.

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Author: G4C