G4C interview with Phillip Williams, Head of Regeneration at the IPA

G4C asked the Head of Regeneration in the government’s IPA, Phillip Williams how we will meet the housing requirements of the future. Watch Phillip’s response where he outlines the recommendations of the recent government white paper and explains how we can provide 160,000 new homes through grants, finance, freeing up more land and creating a … Continue reading “G4C interview with Phillip Williams, Head of Regeneration at the IPA”

G4C Renewed

A key value of Constructing Excellence and G4C is collaboration. Collaboration is possible only when there is transparency and inclusion, when thoughts, developments and proposed actions are openly discussed and accessible to all. Therefore G4C 2016 is now an open forum, accessible to all, with no geographical boundaries or limitations. We are working together across … Continue reading “G4C Renewed”

Open Data for Planning

Open Data for Planning

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6MUpv8g7AI We need a good Planning system to face the effects of global change. Population increase, availability of natural resources combined with lack of political stability will impose greater pressure on the construction industry globally and nationally. Planning is needed to harness the good energy, which comes with change, and protect us from the risk … Continue reading “Open Data for Planning”