What it it about speed mentoring?

I would call it unconditional personal altruism.

I will also try to explain why.

Last night the CIC 2050Group organised a speed mentoring event at Argent’s headquarters in that urban regeneration masterpiece that is now King’s Cross in London. Just to avoid any confusion, speed mentoring has got nothing to do with finding your twin soul in the hectic solitude of modern lifestyle. Speed mentoring is a highly interactive PR format where an equal number of mentors and mentees gather in a large space furnished with tables, chairs and drinks. Do not forget any of these three essential ingredients otherwise it won’t work. Obviosly mentees are there to ask questions and mentors are there to give advice. The mentees get a brif biography of the mentors they are going to speak to, which often provides useful inspiration to come up with some challanging questions. During the fifteen minutes slots rare examples of unconditional personal altruism unfold, paving the way for longer professional relationships. The aim is to transfer knowledge from a more experienced person to a less experienced one working in the same industry so both persons sitting at the table are there to ensure effective knowledge transfer, regardless of the commercial relevance of their chat. So it is unconditional. The specific way tables and chairs are set up allows direct eye contact between mentor and mentee, which makes the experience highly personal and, as much as talking about contruction allows, intimate. Like feeling perfectly isolated in a crowded cafè where the buzzing noise of dozens of people around you creates a perfect acoustic buffer. Fashionably cocooned, the speed mentoring conversation can get inspiringly personal. Psychologically – and apologies for clearly stepping outside my remit – both mentors and mentees feel ethically and intellectually rewarded by having the chance to ask and receive advice meant not only to benefit the two sitting at the table but also to contribute to the healthy growth of their industry. From sustainability to equality, from globalisation to the image of construction, from BIM to the added value of design all the topics mentioned last night were moved by a genuine thrive to improve construction.

If you are interested in organising a speed mentoring event do get in touch. Speed mentoring has few and simple rules, just don’t forget the drinks.

Author: G4C