Open Data for Planning

Open Data for Planning We need a good Planning system to face the effects of global change. Population increase, availability of natural resources combined with lack of political stability will impose greater pressure on the construction industry globally and nationally. Planning is needed to harness the good energy, which comes with change, and protect us from the risk … Continue reading “Open Data for Planning”

Open data for housing

Open Data for Housing Next to food and clothing, the Declaration of Human Rights lists housing as the third fundamental need for any human being. The current supply of housing in the UK does not met the demand as a result of limited amount of land, insufficient replacement of inefficient existing stock and rise in population. As part … Continue reading “Open Data for Housing”

Time for BIM Minecraft

  The video link above shows a Minecraft construction challenge: a virtual, neutral environment. Six players, four active and two that may join the group later.  Different skills, different ages, collaborating from remote location across the globe. Playing with clear rules and zero risks. Minecraft is the revolutionary collaborative game developed by Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson and … Continue reading “Time for BIM Minecraft”