We are here…

Following on from my first blog I wrote a few months ago about why I feel apprenticeships are undervalued. I thought with a bit of spare time on my hands, it was a good time to write my second blog giving my views on the current situation and how this break is making myself and … Continue reading “We are here…”

An industry fit for the future? – G4C Virtual Project 2020 

The built environment underpins society and its importance in providing shelter and essential infrastructure. It has been cast under the spotlight more than ever.  Our society is currently facing extraordinary times, turning everyday life on its head. This crisis is highlighting at a national level the current practices that need to change in the sector, including negative perceptions of the industry.  G4C have long been crying … Continue reading “An industry fit for the future? – G4C Virtual Project 2020 “

The adoption of technology in the construction industry

Having recently coordinated and attended events relating to the adoption of technology in the construction industry, it is clear that young professionals have an important role to play in identifying and tackling the obstacles to innovation. To plan how best to achieve this, it is important to understand challenges specific to the sector Panel discussions … Continue reading “The adoption of technology in the construction industry”

Why we must look beyond ‘On Time’, ‘On Budget’

For years, infrastructure project leaders have stood in public and declared with glee that their project remains ‘on time’ and ‘on budget’. Only for issues to later unravel that leaves everyone feeling bemused and resentful. The fixation of our industry with these inelastic measures seems to detract somewhat from a key point – the very … Continue reading “Why we must look beyond ‘On Time’, ‘On Budget’”