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Following on from my first blog I wrote a few months ago about why I feel apprenticeships are undervalued. I thought with a bit of spare time on my hands, it was a good time to write my second blog giving my views on the current situation and how this break is making myself and G4C more determined to promote the construction and build environment and form a change for the next generation. 

Firstly, it was a tough week personally last week because for the first time in my working career, work was taken away from me, which for the last 8 and half years has been my bedrock and made me into the person I am. But I can only be grateful for the support I have from some wonderful work colleagues and a company protecting my job for the long term. This can’t be said for many people who have sadly lost jobs, without any income such as self-employed or having to risk their lives everyday trying to protect people and provide essential services for everyone. They are the real heroes. 

 As a north west committee, after all the hard work we put it, it was such a shame we could not celebrate our first north west awards last Friday, as we planned. We have some wonderful nominees, attendees and sponsors. So, we thank them for all their support and promise them that somehow, we will celebrate their achievements as soon as we can. We will make it a night to celebrate for all the company’s and people who make the construction and built environment such a wonderful place to work in. 

 I know it has been said many times, but I could not write this blog without thanking all the wonderful key workers out there, including the NHS, construction workers and all the way down to people still working in supermarkets and even banks. I would like to say a massive thank you personally for all the wonderful work you have been doing through these hard times. In reality, I know there is not a lot I can do to help your pain and worry through these times but myself and G4C are here, even for the small thing such as a chat or any way possible we can help through this period!  

 So, to you all who feel like this won’t get any better, just remember we are strong, and it will end. I listened to a song the other day which gave me great courage to keep going. I am sure many will feel like giving up in the next few months which I can so much sympathise with, but just remember these lyrics: 

 You can build me up, you can tear me down, 

You can try but I’m unbreakable. 

You can do your best, but I’ll stand the test. 

You’ll find that I’m unshakeable.

 But now I was just like to flip this on its head and show how this time can be a positive period for the future, myself, the construction and built environment and G4C as a whole. I have been amazed by modern technology and the use of Microsoft teams, Zoom etc. This is hopefully a new positive change where it can push people into now using modern technology to attend meetings, keep in contact with clients and work colleagues and in result leading to protecting our environment and reducing our carbon footprint! 

 Furthermore, even though we have been working and living in isolation I feel modern technology and time has brought me closer to work colleagues, G4C members and people in the construction and built environment including Novus members and people working for other companies, which is wonderful!  

 One thing I am also super excited for is Friday’s announcement of G4C new Virtual Tour for 2020. This will hopefully give us time to push for a change in a positive way which the industry needs and this pause in time could lead to people coming together thinking up new ideas and changes which will benefit everyone and helping the next generation to flourish. 

 Read more here:- https://www.g4c.org.uk/an-industry-fit-for-the-future-g4c-virtual-project-2020/ 

 Finally, I know that there is not a massive amount we can do to stop the current situation. But just like everyone has clapped for the NHS and key workers and children have all created lovely messages and rainbows. I/we just want to say: – 

  • If anyone at all not just people in the construction and built environment, need someone to chat too through this period, we are here. (Sometimes it easier to speak to someone not as well known to yourself) 
  • Anyone who is worried about leaving university, school or an apprenticeship with no career or job, don’t worry we are here to guide and help the best we can because we are mostly new people in the construction and built environment and want to help and give a voice to the next generation 
  • Any group / person / organisation who needs help with blogs, advice anything through this time, we are here. We want to do everything possible to come out of this even more equipped and with new ideas to give a voice for the next generation. 

 Finally, remember we will get through this and we will be able to celebrate times like the Yorkshire G4C committee did back in March. 

Take care, keep safe, keep smiling and  we are here. 

Jack Cook & G4C 


Jack Cook 


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