Joe Butler

Position: Vice Chair, Midlands
Categories: Regional Chairs

I am an architectural design assistant at One Creative Environments, a multidisciplinary office, which has embedded the ethos of ‘teamwork’ into me. My role has focused on an array of projects including residential, commercial, and mostly healthcare. Following on from my University days as mental health champion for the Snowsports committee, I have helped build a great wellbeing team at One, where we organise events and CPD sessions to improve mental and physical health of staff.

My passion for construction stemmed from my interest in Victorian houses, with the intricate and well thought out details to the buildings. Throughout my path in architecture this has developed, and my interests widened to designing for ‘people’ and the involvement of urban design into the process, I then went on to write a dissertation that approached the idea of ‘walkable cities’ and its impact to the wellbeing of the citizens and it became apparent how important the 15-minute city is becoming, I therefore am eager in embedding these elements into the next generation of the construction industry.