Harriet Wade

Position: Regional Chair, Wales
Categories: Regional Chairs

Harriet, through her ten years’ experience has successfully delivered social value initiatives across Wales. With a passion for transforming lives, Harriet has worked with multiple third sector organisations, striving to make a difference. She entered the industry through a work experience placement, successfully completing her apprenticeship with ISG, and earned a BA (Hons) in Inclusive Studies. With firsthand experience navigating the career ladder, she provides practical advice on advancement through apprenticeship routes. Additionally, as a Welsh speaker, Harriet effectively communicates bilingually with local communities, enhancing engagement.

Harriet is passionate about effecting meaningful social change in Welsh communities, leaving a lasting employment legacy. Harriet has experience with public and private sector clients always aiming to make a change within the local communities. Harriet has passion for encouraging the next generation into the industry and with her vast knowledge wants to bring her expertise to the growth of G4C Wales.