Andreea Vihristencu

Position: Former Co-Chair of G4C
Categories: Former Chairs

I joined G4C right at the beginning of my career in the construction industry. Right from the beginning I realised the types of challenges this sector is facing – from the lack of diversity, young talent and the struggle to embrace digitalisation and sustainability. However, connecting with like-minded people and participating in all sorts of talks and events allowed me to see the passion and drive my generation and younger ones have to demand a better industry for all. At that moment I was hooked and for the last 3 years, I’ve learnt so much about myself and as an individual but also expanded my knowledge about sustainability, digitalisation and the effort to change the image of construction.


Being part of G4C allowed me to gain the confidence I needed as I was at the beginning of my career journey and find a community where I could share my ideas, progress and concerns. Nonetheless, I was always in touch with opportunities such as speaker or panellist positions, all sorts of projects that are being developed by young professionals or even job prospects. The G4C network is an opportunity to be at the forefront of innovative industry thinking and best practices in the sector.


I’m particularly interested in having a positive impact on how the construction industry is perceived by the next generations. I want to empower each of our members to feel confident to speak up and take those steps to influence our leaders to make the change needed towards a more sustainable and modernised sector.


You can find me on LinkedIn and by email ([email protected]). Feel free to reach out!