Irina Korneychuk – G4C Future Leader Award Winner 2018

It is an honour to be named National G4C Future Leader and to compete amongst such talented people from around the country, showcasing enormous energy and enthusiasm in their careers.

Change must be enabled from the top but ‘fuelled’ from the industry’s grassroots. In my eyes, Generation4Change is the ‘fuel’ capable of igniting the ambition of young professionals to drive the necessary change in the construction industry, and I am very proud to be contributing to the work of G4C North East as a committee member.

The construction industry is not only experiencing a labour crisis and struggling to retain and attract fresh talent, but also crying out for the cultural and behavioural change required for modernisation. Harvesting the energy of young professionals to address those challenges should be a priority for all major industry employers and must be supported by government agenda not only to mitigate the impact of potential skill shortages threatening the post-BREXIT UK, but to achieve any tangible improvement. I believe that people are the most valuable asset of the industry, and that young professionals in particular, are the engine capable of driving innovation, challenging the boundaries of traditional practices and moving the industry forward. It is easy to diminish drive and ambition in students and recent graduates if the right conditions are not created to support and encourage their development. I have made it my mission to contribute to the creation of an empowering professional environment in the North East and I appreciate the opportunity given to me by FaulknerBrowns to assist in the evolution of the staff development framework at the practice.

I am delighted to be recognised by G4C and Constructing Excellence for my passion to support fellow colleagues and students in their development, inspiring them to engage and empowering them to change the industry. This acknowledgment has allowed me to grow in professional confidence, gain respect in the eyes of my colleagues, and hopefully, inspire my peers to step up and be proactive in their respective businesses and the wider industry.