Bouncing Back: A new narrative for construction

G4C passionately believes that the construction industry needs a new image. The current image has a negative impact on attracting talent and skills retention. G4C wants to drive our industry forward and demonstrate an attractive industry that is open to change.

We love opportunity to add value to society.  Every day we are improving the world around us, building new things and improving our existing infrastructure through place making, urban regeneration, employment, new homes etc.

We are pioneering, pivotal and pinnacle.  How do we communicate that to a world that perceives us as old-fashioned and slow to change?


We are pragmatic and creative people, in a powerful position to change daily life for the better. How do we build on our advantage?

There are things we want to change and there is definite room for improvement.    We often feel frustrated by the pace at which the industry changes.  We are often confronted with traditional attitudes and  unwillingness to embrace innovation – this happens right across the industry, regardless of size and scale.  But we are the future and it is in our power to change this.

Our industry is often badly perceived in the press. Watch Eastenders or even Grand Designs and the industry is distorted into ‘white vans and dodgy builders’ and usually late.  The great work we do is missing from the wider narrative, while payment disputes and cost overruns are headline news.  We know this doesn’t reflect the big picture that is the industry we work in.

We want to change that story to demonstrate the great opportunities that working within the industry offers.  It’s an exciting time, new skills requirements, innovation in manufacturing technology and increasing digitalisation makes the industry more attractive than ever.

Join us on 24 May when we re-set the story of our industry.