A new direction for G4C

As the young professional voice of the UK built environment industry, and an integral part of Constructing Excellence, G4C (Generation for Change) is a network which exists to connect, challenge and shape a better industry.  We feel uniquely placed to help spearhead progress on topics that, as a sector, we’ve yet to adequately address.

That’s why we’ve embarked on a new strategy to take us forward over the next two years.  This is in support of the Constructing Excellence mission to positively disrupt the way our industry operates to transform performance.  Central to this is our focus on two core, intertwined themes which we think will be key to unlocking our industry’s true potential – image and diversity.

For an industry which creates gleaming beacons of humanity, bedrocks of civilisation and sits at the heart of the fabric of modern society, we have an amazing knack of shying away from telling our story to an audience beyond our own.  For too long, we have let other people speak for us instead of communicating with a single, shared narrative that can engage, inform and captivate the public.

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